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21. July 2014

  • Social anxiety isn’t shyness.
  • Depression isn’t laziness.
  • Anxiety isn’t being nervous.
  • Bipolar disorder isn’t having mood swings.
  • ADHD isn’t being distracted.
  • Dyslexia isn’t being bad at spelling.
  • OCD isn’t a synonym for neat freak.
  • Mental disorders aren’t excuses

Real life comes with real problems, and if you can’t handle me when I’ve hit rock bottom, you don’t deserve to see my when I’m shining brighter than ever.

So stop shooting people down simply because they don’t conform to your perceived idea of what “normal” is.

"I’m not afraid to fall in love, I’m just afraid of hitting the ground when its over."

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I’m still trying to get up

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Standard Maura Isles.
And you better believe it.
"If you truly love someone, being faithful is easy."


Guys, please take care of yourselves. Eat if you haven’t eaten. Sleep if you need to. Take a mental health day. Do what you need to do. But put yourself first when necessary.

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